Durrant Graphics is a California based printing and packaging business  with offices and production facilities on two continents. 


Our three printing facilities in Los Angeles offer enormous print capacity with numerous presses including two 38" web press in 6 or 8 color configurations in our 250,000 square-foot Hawthorne facility. Our sheetfed presses range from 8-color 40" presses and a 6-color 81″ press to digital presses for production runs a small as one piece.


We have a three factories in Zhangjiagang City, China including a woven label factory of 932,865 square-foot with 120 of the most advanced Italian gripper looms, Swiss gripper looms, AIR-JET looms and electronic wood-shuttle looms, 12 ribbon weaving machines, 20 Italian laser cutting machines and 200 sewing machines of various kinds making us one of the largest manufacturers of labels in the world. 


A common problem with large brands is that they have factories producing their goods all over the world and it is almost impossible to maintain a consistent corporate identity when it comes to labels and packaging. The factories seldom manage to match a label or logo made in another facility that could be in a different city or even a different continent. A service we offer to our large clients is to produce bulk orders of labels, security labels, hang tags, poly bags and other packaging. We will hold the inventory in our warehouse and their factories call off the goods, as and when they need them. We only bill the factory when they call the goods off, so there is no upfront expense to either our customer or their factory. As a result of this arrangement, our customers benefit from bulk pricing because they are ordering in larger quantities, they have an identical label or logo on any garment coming out of any factory in the world thereby ensuring that the integrity of their Corporate ID is maintained globally and they ensure uniformity in color and quality on all their products. 


We also have the ability to print catalogs in two continents and ensure that the color and quality is identical. This is a great solution for clients who need quick production from the USA but also want products produced at lower prices out of Asia. We also offer LDP prices and terms if you qualify. 


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